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Why Donate?


All this time and the future challenge of investment, trade, and economic growth in Indonesia are mostly related to law situation. Some law and regulations, practice of law, and implementation of good governance are the factors which become the concern of investors or business people. Risk-based investment conducted by investors puts high risk when they include legal insecurity, institution weakness, injustice, and low good governance.

Jentera believes that improvements in regulations, practice of law, legal institutions, and practice of good governance will directly benefit investors, business people, and all of us.

Education system in Jentera aims for our graduates to not only be a jurist who have integrity and social responsibility but also actively participate in developing Indonesia to be free from collusion, corruption, and nepotism. In the end, they can develop the society in which they work to effectively affect integrity principal and highly implement good governance.

Jentera believes one of effective methods to fix legal sector is by fixing system and substance of law education in Indonesia. Through education, dissemination of ideas and re-education of society will happen faster and more effective for the better and more prosperous Indonesia.

The main targets of dissemination of ideas and re-education are government, bureaucracy, law enforcer, entrepreneurship, and non-governmental organizations.

Education in Jentera aims to make professionals and management in law who have high integrity and effectively bring transformation to their work on the highest adherence and application to the principles of good corporate governance (GCG), that in the end will more value in the return of investment. Therefore, hopes for the more clean and efficient government and business ecosystem, better access of business investment and funding, and high social responsibility will be achieved.


Each scholarship donor will receive:

  • Semester report on students learning outcomes

  • Semester report on scholarship's use of money

  • Report on Jentera activities

  • Initial semester report on students development

  • Opportunities to attend public lectures, international lectures, and public events organized by Jentera

  • Forum to discuss reports on the learning process of scholarship awardees at the end of each academic year if needed

  • The first opportunity to hire scholarship awardees after they graduate

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