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    Full Scholarship

    Rp 229


    Includes Tuition Fee Scholarship and cost of living support for students from outside of Jakarta, whether in full (covering all 8 semesters) or annual (which also amounts to one payment every 2 semesters)

    • Entrance fee Rp29 million
    • Semester fee Rp8,5 million
    • Credit fee Rp225 thousand
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    Each scholarship donor will receive:

    • Semester report on students learning outcomes

    • Semester report on scholarship's use of money

    • Report on Jentera activities

    • Initial semester report on students development

    • Opportunities to attend public lectures, international lectures, and public events organized by Jentera

    • Forum to discuss reports on the learning process of scholarship awardees at the end of each academic year if needed

    • The first opportunity to hire scholarship awardees after they graduate

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